What we do

We bring inspiration and innovation to everything we design and build for you, the customer.

Our Services

Visible Projex wanted to redefine the traditional cookie cutter model and bring a fresh approach to the core of innovative customised design solutions. We don't just work with clients, we collaborate, communicate and customise solutions that's made just for you.

Bringing together creative energy with practical engineering know how, we transform your product and branding ideas to create and build a unique point-of-difference in the market.

We design and build right here in Australia. Visible Projex offers a complete end-to-end solution - we look after the design, concept, build, project management and logistics - so you can take care of your most important assets, your customers.

That's the Visible Projex difference!

In-house design

Our in-house design team merges creativity with engineering know-how. We help identify and clarify your specific needs, so you can stand out from the crowd and make a visible impact!

Graphics & Animation

To complete your display, store or fixture, we offer a graphic and multi-media animation service. Collectively with our collaborative partners, we create dynamic animated presentations that attract the eye of your customers.

Concept Development

We create photo realistic 3D rendered concepts so you can see and experience how the display or fixture will look and feel prior to fabrication. Our integrated design process leads to a seamless and pain free process.


We are proud to say all our projects are Australian built either within our in-house workshop or with our Australian collaborative partners. We deliver the highest levels of engineering, craftsmanship (incl. cabinet making, metalwork and plastics) and quality control.

Complete Project Management

Our streamlined process, from design to the floor means we can manage all aspects of your project - design and concept development, budget tracking, fabrication and build through to installation.

Project Logistics

We take the stress out of your display or retail fixture logistics and offer a complete packing service and oversee the freight and logistics for each project. We use accredited freight forwarders for on time and safe delivery.

Our Expertise

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Retail & Supermarket fixtures

From shelving modules to bespoke custom pieces, Visible Projex create and build retail fixtures to enhance the customer in-store experience and support sales.

Our own Visible Produx range includes wall units, modular shelving solutions, tables, plinths, bunks and more. Either choose from one of our standard options or engage our customised design service to create something specifically for you. All designs are presented as a 3D visual so you can see the exact design outcome prior to the build and installation.

All our products are designed and built in-house and as such, we're proud to showcase the Australian made logo on each of our products and fixtures.

Specialty Stands & Displays

Visible Projex create and build specialty stands and displays that extend to include hand sanitising stations. In the fight against Covid 19, we understood that the safety of your customers and staff is of the highest importance. Hence why we quickly designed, built and distributed customizable sanitising stations for businesses and corporates across Australia.

Whether it's a specialty requirement, a multi-media inclusive display or a hybrid, we'll work closely with you to create your vision. In many cases this will include prototype development and full project management leading up to delivery.

Carts and Vendor bikes

Our range of custom designed and in-house built carts and vendor bikes are practical, bespoke and built to last using robust materials. They're perfect for capturing your customers attention and assisting in driving results for your event, market or store. Purchase one of our many standard models or have us design and build a cart specifically tailored to your requirements.

Our carts are perfect for Demos, Brand activation, Events, Food, Coffee, Drinks, Catering, Popcorn and more. To view our range of Carts and Vendor bikes, contact us via our contact page and request a brochure.

Exhibition Stands

Our exhibition solutions are designed to add the wow factor to your strategic marketing vision. With a complete end-to-end solution, we look after the design, concept, build, project management and logistics, so you can take care of your most important assets - your customers.

We create and build small, medium, large and Expo scale exhibition stands and environments to showcase your products and services. We understand that these exhibitions are a major investment for any business, so we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver the biggest bang for your budget.

Point-of-sale Displays

Visible Projex design and build high impact custom Point-of-Sale (POS) displays to encourage purchases, drive store traffic and promote brands. Each specialized display is carefully designed with you, the customer, to maximize the promotion and drive results. Regardless of whether it's a one-off, seasonal, multi-purpose, static, portable, counter or free-standing display, talk to us about the display and branding you require.

Working with a retailers, agencies and corporates requiring promotional displays for multiple locations, we have the know-how and field results to deliver.

Event Displays

When looking for inspiration for your next event, launch, function or brand activation, look to us at Visible Projex to assist you with innovative displays, signage, counters, walling, flooring or bespoke pieces. View our in-house range or have us design and build specifically for you.

Whether it's a pop-up, vendor cart, booth, roadshow, indoor or outdoors, we'll design a solution that meets your needs, budget and required event calendar.